Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 32, Winter 2017, Pages 1-224 

Research Paper

1. .Survey of Pedagogical theories for Children in One Story of Bustan Based on Russell’s views

Pages 1-28

AbasAli Vafayi; Mehrdad Akbari Gandomani; MehdiReza Kamali Baniani

2. .Intertextuality of Quran and Hadith in Didactic Poems of Hafiz Based on Literary Theories

Pages 29-68

Ahmad Khajeim; Seyed Mohammad Alavi Moqadam; Asadian Mohammadian; Moslem Rajabi

5. A Survey of Managerial Ethics in Kelile O Demne

Pages 137-160

Fateme Sheikh Loovand; Tahmine Mastalizad

7. Ethics and Its Traditional and Contemporary Constituents in Nima’s Poetry

Pages 191-230

MohammadHosein Nikdarasl; Davood Ramezani Parsa; AliReza Shanazari