Doctorines of Didactic literature in Hakim Gha’ani’s book (Parsihan)

Document Type : Research Paper



Hakim Mirza Habib Shirazi, also known as Gha’ani, is one of the greatest writers and elocutionists of the 13th A.H. century. Apart from his poems, he has also written some books. One of his books; namely, Parishan, is written didactically to teach behavioral and moral issues. If we look at Parishan book didactically, we see a treasure full of mysticism, as well as moral and behavioral facts which can be guidelines for humans’ scientific and practical lives. The present research is a study of the dual semantic structures of the stories and advices of the book based on an analytic-descriptive method. Good and bad behavioral and moral attributes reveal Hakim Gha’ani’s teachings and their frequencies. Among these attributes, it will open a window into the lives of the people of Hakim Gha’ani and watch the society of that time.